Time was . . . mixed-media stitched square

I love incorporating fabric and trimmings into my mixed-media collages with vintage photographs
because items such as cloth, ribbon and lace portray a softness. A softness impling the softening
of our memory that can come with time. This 6 inch square collage, "Time was … Moody & Jinny",
is sewn on cloth, mounted on a board, and includes lace (one with hand-sewn beads on it),
paper (one treated with Citra-Solv), fabric stenciled with acrylic, paper punched birds sewn into
a garland, vintage photograph, tags printed by a very old Underwood, wing token, ribbon, cord,
and one vintage button. Every time I create a collage with new elements, I run into "issues" that lead to more learning and fun.


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