Tree Hugger Me

I love trees and often feel compelled to hug one. I retrieved a corrugated paper box meant for the recycle bin and cut a 6"x6" piece from it; this was my base. I also love sky, mountains and water, so I painted a background of these with acrylics. I had a photo of my face which I matte mediumed down.  I pencil crayoned rough lines on a brown paper bag and then tore the bag into many narrow strips and built a nicely rough to the touch tree. A tree  to hug me close, so close I became a tree and leaves of coloured hand made paper dripped from the ends of my hair, beaded leaves defined my new bark jawline and the upper frames of my 'new' glasses are a bit of rick rack tacked down with embroidery thread and dabbed with a bit more acrylic paint. I used the left-overs from the bag for backing and a border and here it is, a bit of me and a bit of tree.










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