tunnel book, reader challenge

When I began working on the tunnel book i decided to just use materials i already had from other projects and i wanted  to do everything free hand and all made by me.  I began with the restrictions of the finished piece fitting in an 8×10 envelope. The title is "Mystical Journey". The book cover is a wheel of fortune, card board, paper, lettering with marker, the hand from a broken clock and a nut and bolt., so it will spin.  The title page is on the back, it is paper scraps, part of an old scarf and stick on jewels, pg.1 is the sun and stars, pg 2 the tree of life and a raven,  pg 3 the moon, cloud and water, the back focus piece is an original watercolor, with a frame made of aluminum foil and a little red paint. The back is covered with strips of  fabric scraps woven together. The gussets are folded black poster board. The book is tied together with a long fabric scrap which is threaded through the gussets. The cardboard is all cut from recycled UPS shipping boxes, it is very thin, light weight and sturdy.


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