Waiting, (Self-Portrait)

I collaged two slightly different patterned papers onto a prepared 6X6  board. I looked at a black and white photo of myself to get the basics  drawn onto the panel. After that I went crazy using acrylics, colored  pencils, chalk pastels, charcoal, fine-tip black and sepia pens and  finally a stamp to create an iron looking bench. I pushed and pulled  out different flowers from the patterned paper for the background. 


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11 thoughts on “Waiting, (Self-Portrait)

  1. Thank you for the wonderful comments! Fun (and helpful) to see what people say!! 

    To booksmithstudio: There is a story there but a little too long to tell here. It also has to do with the expression; like when you’re on the verge of getting impatient 🙂 Patience is something I have had to really work on (and still do all the time)! 


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