Wedding Day…outside the box

"A Little Me"
Wedding Day…outside the box
I wish to take you on a journey in planning a Wedding day…outside the box.
A rainbow of flowers freely scattered along an unmarked pathway, a soft yellow dress worn by the bride gracing the ankles with a whimsy of dance from the light breeze.  Guest enchanted by butterflies fluttering around, as the journey starts along the sandy shores…
Using two torn pieces of paper from a small writing tablet I first worked on my eyes.  On the second piece of torn paper I worked on my lips and my smile.  I took pictures of the two pieces of paper I fitted together and from there I up loaded the picture and printed out the little me and there my work began.
I used a 6 x 6 and 1 inch high canvas frame that I painted, a small plastic box to put my items inside, pencils, sharpies, acrylic paints, a mat spray, glue, mod podge and card stock.



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Published author of poetry, published Art magazines and creative choices of the Arts in newspapers. Europe's oldest city in 'Trier Germany to the Inspiration of San Francisco and the California mountains, beaches and deserts...Provence France to Naples Italy on into Rupert Spain...places to live, love and inspire.


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