Who I Am

"Who I Am"
6 x 6 inch mixed media on Bristol paper
I am a wife, artist, painter, poet, photographer, daughter, sister, explorer, traveler, and lover of many things of beauty…these are just a few of the things that describe me, as I am right now.
I first collaged a piece of Bristol paper with ephemera, then added color to the paper, by using Portfolio Water Soluble oil pastels. With a brush and gloss medium, I spread the oil pastel color throughout the paper. I started drawing my face and hair with a Sharpie's China Pencil, Stabilo Marks all pencil, and a mechanical graphite pencil. I added color to the face, with ivory craft paint mixed with oil pastel colors. Then I added more collage elements to the piece, such as used paint palette paper, a used postage stamp from Egypt, a vintage map piece…all glued on with gloss medium. Next came the commercial rub on letters, describing who I am, as well as stamping and handwriting. A Daiso scrapbook border was added to all sides, then painted over with ivory and green paint. And finally, the whole piece was finished off with fluid matte medium.


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2 thoughts on “Who I Am

  1. I see you love Firenze, you must have traveled there.  Truly it’s beautiful there and your A Little Me shows the passion of life and beauty you put into your Art.  Nice work.


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