Woman with cancer

this is an altered book I made about a woman who had to make a decision.  This is not a story of success nor is it a story of inspiration.  It is a story of despair and sorrow.  There once was a doctor who told a woman that her arm was very sick.  He gave her the option to give up her arm and live or to keep her arm and die.  She decided to give up her arm and live but deep inside she died. 


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2 thoughts on “Woman with cancer

  1. Thanks, It was based on a true story which touched me deeply.  I made the piece mostly to represent all the people who have survived cancer but whose lives and whose lives of those around them have been devastated during the process.  My oldest sister had ovarian cancer and survived, my brother had mantel cell, and another sister had breast cancer.  I’ve watched as they put their lives on hold trying to overcome their illness and in the end some of them could not overcome trying to put their lives back together again.  Not every survivor has an inspiring story to tell whether or not they are grateful to be alive.  Cancer effects everyone if you don’t have it, it seems.


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