You Can Never Have Too Many Locks

This is my “Home Sweet Home” entry for your Dream Artists’ Village.  My passion is anything and everything spooky!  I love haunted houses or houses that “appear” to be haunted.  Doesn’t every street have one??!  Therefore, I chose to create a spooky house that I call, “You can never have too many locks!”  In this case, those locks are meant to keep something INSIDE the house.  In this piece I used assorted decorative papers, some of which I ripped and distressed, plus assorted metal lock ephemera and I printed a moon image on vellum for the round window.  There is a tiny light that can be inserted in the bottom of the house to make the moon window glow eerily (cool).  I used pop dots to make the front door bulge out and a little clear embellishment to make the house number “13” stand out.  The smoking chimney is a spring and the escaping ghost is paper .  There is ribbon around the base that resembles rod iron.   There are different images on all 4 sides!!   

I have never made a 3d “object” before.  This was way TOO MUCH FUN!!  I may have to create my own little Haunted Village.  I love these challenges because they "challenge" me to try small, manageable projects that are fun!!! 

Thanks for this little house pattern. 


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