journeys book _detail spread2

Detail of the inside of the journeys book.


Original book description: This hardcover book measures 9"x2"x6".  The outside of the book has been covered in linen fabric and pulp lace (Cotton string netting with paper pulp caught through it).  Inside is lined with lokta paper.  The metal house box has been encased into the cover and a collage has been placed inside the window opening (yes the door opens).  Inside are 3 signatures sewn in using linen thread.  There is a combination of paper bag pages that have been run through a printer to add lines to them along with blank pages with edges "aged" with walnut ink.  I've also added several sets of hand dyed linen fabric pages (dyed with walnut ink) as well.  Envelopes have been stitched to the pages and filled with a variety of ephemera including journaling tags, transparencies, real vintage postcards, photos and letters.  On the back inside cover there is a 4 section slide holder embellished with a poem by yeats and a vintage metal charm.


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2 thoughts on “journeys book _detail spread2

  1. Wow! Great work.

    How did you get the paper bag through the printer without it jamming up? I am always afraid to put things through my printer. I have two, one is the U-turn feed type, and the other is the type where the paper just goes down, gets printed, and goes through.