Jute Twine Journal

For the covers of my book, I used unbleached muslin to which I glued strips of paper.  On top of the paper strips I glued a sheet of tissue paper.  Then, I randomly stamped circles with a bottle top.  I glued a tiny flower bouquet to the front cover.   I used cereal box cardboard for the covers to which I glued the paper covered muslin.   For the end papers, I used scrapbook paper.  I made 4 signatures with  4 sheets of  brown craft paper and 4 sheets of cream colored paper.   On the envelope flap I have a fabric flower applique.  For the pages I alternated brown craft paper and cream colored sheets.  I tore the edges and also made the pages of differing sizes. Inside my book I made an envelope and glued it to the first page of paper.   The signatures are held together with a bookbinding thread.  The covers are held together with jute twine.


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