Karma Kaleidosope

Using a photo of coleus from my garden I created the kaleidoscope with Kaleidoscope Kreator software.  The printed kaleidoscope was then embellished with markers, paint, beads, ribbons and sequins.  A smaller kaleidoscope forms the center with hand stitching, rhinestones and beaded details.  The piece was sewn to fabric decorated with Dye-Na- Flow and Lumiere paints.  This circular piece is mounted to painted turquoise paper with stamped details (artist's own) and glitter.  The chartreuse fabric background was also created with Dye-Na- Flow and Lumieres.  It was sewn to a paper background and layered with mulberry paper, ribbons and strips of vintage textile scraps.  Further embellishing was done with decorative pins, glitter glue and hobnails.  The circular kaleidoscope piece was attached to the background to finish the piece.


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