Katrina – repurposed items post Katrina

In Gulfport, MS I found a piece of driftwood at an estate sale that looked like a pair of closed angel wings – I felt like I won the lottery! 

I knew what I wanted it to look like and it took awhile for me to find the companion pieces and for them to fall into place.  The hardest piece to find was the head.  It wasn't until I found a broken Christmas Tree angel, for free, at a garage sale that I new I had found "the piece".  I repaired the crack in the head, added a paper mache collar, covered it with broken oyster shells and wa la!  The cross at her throat is the "crucifix" bone of the catfish found on Gulfport beach.  The other pieces were found on the MS Gulf Coast – watch parts, the huge Oyster Shells, barnacles and  the "emergency" plaque came off of the Grand Casino when it came on shore and slammed into the newly constructed Ohr Museum.

Top to bottom she's 28 1/2" tall.


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