Lascaux for Weavers

36” x 21”  The cave at Lascaux in France has always been a fascination.  The 20,000 year old Paleolithic images on the walls of the cave would be powerful just because of their age and historic significance, but the real power for me is the artistic talent of the people who put those images on the walls.  The wild horses and bulls that have been captured for centuries on that hard rock are a tribute to the souls of the artists.  This piece started with the background and it reminded me of the walls of Lascaux. I don’t hunt wild horses, but I do spend some time fighting with my looms.

 Hand woven, felted, hand dyed fibers and fabric, hand made paper, embroidered, hooked, beaded, rusted.  Copper, bamboo, wool, rayon, cotton, peridot, amber, red crocidolite, glass, acrylic paint, colored pencil, oil sticks, gel medium.



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