‘Leaves in the rain’ jewellery box lid

Paint, fabric and stitch detail of the hand and machine applique lid of the 'Leaves in the rain' jewellery box.

Lots of stitched layers give the box form and strength.


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6 thoughts on “‘Leaves in the rain’ jewellery box lid

  1. Dear Ms. Rowena09,

    I am a big fan of how you chose and put together these muted colors.  Very smooth and blended and yet totally defined elements,    Nice, very natural feeling and yet art defined at the same time.  I sure like it.  Sincerely, Colorsplash  Sue


  2. The colours are wonderfully selected. I love the simplicity of the finishing embroidery and the different textures – great work!


    Gillian (leafygal)

  3. Thanks for your really kind comments. I’ve stitched since I was 7 and I daren’t say how old I am now!! It’s the first time I’ve shown anything on the web. The colours are just from the beautiful Devon countryside where I live.



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