London Games 2012

This Mixed media piece is to celebrate the Olympic Games coming to London in 2012.  I love to reuse lost, damaged and unwanted things.

This is made from all recycled objects, pages from a Dickens Novel of 1898, old A-Z pages, pieces from vintage games, beads from old necklaces, a broken ruler from the USA, frame was an Ikea box frame bought at a yard sale. The base has two games in, just in case you get bored watching the real games. Both of the games involve moving the beads around until they go in the silver cups. These are under glass. 

The names of past pupils come from the Brighton college Register, a lot of wealthy London children went there in Victorian times, The school is still running today. On the back are more names and also some interesting facts about London, from Dr Brewster's History of England,1878. This was an old teaching book.

All the paper is painted with acrylic paint and then varnished with UV resist gloss varnish.

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