7 thoughts on “looking out on a rainy day

  1. I love this picture!  As I flip through the gallary pages, this guy keeps jumping out at me!  He makes me smile .. and that’s exactly what  pup is supposed to do.  But the image itself is so intriguing .. I keep looking at it trying to make things out .. is there really something recognizable in the images that make up the dog or not?  Great photo!  It keeps bringing me back on so many different levels!

  2. Oh Mary Mac…this was a long time ago and this edit took a while.  I did it all on my iPad.  Some of the apps I used were Camera+, Snapseed, PicFx, Juxtaposer(this is where I combined the textures) and hipstamatic….I can’t exactly remember what I did with all of them but I know I combined the textures in Juxtaposer and added the rain in PicFx.  The tilt shift and the vignette could of been done in Snapseed I don’t remember.Sorry.  Hope this helps



    Dear Artmnky,

    I just Love this picture ! I pinned it too and hope that is ok with you? I’m new here but also taking a class on quilting art on Facebook.

    We made a large poppy adding the shading & textures with material. My first thought was this may be similar ? But is it painted ,

    drawn ? Beautiful  work you do. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Hi Weeser1-

    Thank you for your kind words…I haven’t produced a piece of art for over two years…or even been on this website, and quite honestly your comment had a tremendous impact on me.  It was recently discovered I have had lyme, untreated, for 6 1/2 years…I stopped doing any art when it became impossible to conceptualize in my head the piece I was creating.  Thru pure frustration I stopped. I started treatment a month ago and have started to regain some of my abilities.  Seeing your message reminded me I have a place to heal, that is safe…and it’s a big part of the process of healing I’ve been missing.  I want to thank you, from deep in my heart, for awakening me…welcome to the Cloth Paper Scissors community!  It’s amazing to meet you.



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