‘Lost to Eternity’ Collage – LuLu Haynes

"Lost to Eternity – The Turning Point of Orpheus upon Eurydice's Ascent from Tartarus"

Collage of multiple layers of watercolor glazes and acrylic glazes, acrylic gel medium, stamped tissue paper and plain tissue paper with ink, and graphite pencil on gessoed canvas board.

My interpretation of the opera 'Orpheus and Eurydice' – the tragic Greek myth of the talented musician Orpheus and his beautiful bride Eurydice.


The main image shows the exact moment when Orpheus turns to look back at his bride as they are emerging towards the land of the living from the underworld where she had been held captive. Eurydice is still in the dark. Orpheus is closer to the light and to the ferry landing where they were heading to cross the RIver Styx.

Look closely in Orpheus' right hand – you can see his famous lyre, shaped like a ram's head. 



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