love shack

created by jennydetra, phone: (316) 558-8498, 1930 N. Brunswick Cir. wichita ks 67212

This house vignette was created when I was pondering what to do with the top and pieces I had saved from my wedding cake  The basic dimensions are: Base – 9" x 14" and the house measures approximately 12 " x  7".The wedding rings with doves on top which top the house  andthe gilded gates with arch are the pieces that came from my cake. The house itself is paper mache which I added details to.  A cardboard paper towel tube  forms the tower and is topped by a wooden drapery finial, it is decorated with gold lace and a snowflake from a gold snowflake garland. Gold paper cupcake baking holders form window awnings, gold chipboard shapes embellish windows and the door, as well as pieces of gold doilies, bottled "snow" with added glitter top the house and adorn the various components, the bottle brush trees have been bleached and re- dyed and ornamented with vintage pearl jewelry as well as a vintgage bakelite pin, the skirts on the trees are cupcake  baking cups and the entire piece is glittered.   If you peek between the golden gates there is a heart which has my husband and my name inscribed on it – hence "the love shack"


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