Make Mine Mini Challenge finalists

First of all, thank you very much for your patience and understanding in our delay in publishing the finalists for our Make Mine Mini Reader Challenge. With close to 300 enties, we had a difficult time narrowing it down . . . more than difficult.
If your name is not on this list, please know that there was stiff competition.

We would like the following artists to send their art for consideration for publication to our Sudbury office by February 4th (Note: This date was extended due to this late announcement.).
We are very pleased with all of the entries and look forward to seeing them up close.

Please send your art to:
Interweave/Cloth Paper Scissors
Att: Make Mine Mini Reader Challenge
490 Boston Post Road, Suite 15
Sudbury, MA  01776

There are 53 names on this list. Please be sure to read all the way down. Congratulations to the finalists and thank you to all for the many, many wonderful entries.

1.       Carol Shimokochi
South Pasadena, CA

2.       Kim Henkel
Yukon, Canada

3.       Karen Furst
Wilmington, DE
(Robot pendant)

4.       Amy Hitchcock
Jamacia Plain, MA

5.       Peggy Schadler
Vincenza, Italy

(blue pendant)

6.       Anamarie Fox

7.       Carol Cole
Brookhaven, NY

8.       Krista Takacs
Knoxville, TN
(“Diving Right In”)

9.       Shelley Cordier
Corvallis, OR

10.   Ro Morrissey
South Orleans, MA
(“Skaket Beach Afternoon”)

11.   Karla Lawrence
Hyattsville, MD

12.   Christie Kurtz
McIntosh, NM

13.   Dana Adkinson
Austin, TX

(“Point of View”)

14.   Kathleen Baumann
Phoenix, AZ


15.   Terry Aske
New Westminster, BC, Canada
(“Rainy Day People”)

16.   Catherine Clark
Mountain, ON, Canada
(“Out on a Limb”)

17.   Miriam Miller
Kaysville, UT

(Botanical Book)

18.   Donna Ryan
Sandy, OR

(“Running Appaloosa”)

19.   Marylynn Williams
Phoenix, AZ
(“P for Pigeon”)

20.   Lynda Metcalf
Morrisville, NC

21.   Ilysa Ginsburg
Branford, FL

22.   Jennifer Crotty
Muskogee, OK
(“And Many More”)

23.   Wanda Edwards
Dartmouth, MA

24.   Pam Waller
Stirling, U.K.
(“Keep Count 5”)

25.   Kate Collins-Thompson
London, ON, Canada
(“Change I”)

26.   Tammy Olson
Viroqua, WI
(“Cuban Tody”)

27.   Indira Govindan
Summit, NJ
(“Winged Imagination”)

28.   Lorna Morck
Los Alamos, CA
(red tree)

29.Susan Lamatrice
Cary, NC
(“I Don’t Like Soup”)

 30.   Jackie Tury
Chantilly, VA
(“Be a Star”)

31.   Christine Rickert
Westford, VA
(“Nest in Peace”)

32.   Darlene Campbell
Danville, OH

33.   Nance Belle
Aliso Viejo, CA
(“Accidental Cat”)

34.   Sandra Spagnuolo
Cambridge, ON, Canada

35.   Amy Smith

Southern Pines, NC
(“Flowers on Blue”)

36.   Julie Luca
Augusta, GA

37.   Janis Guyette
Gouldsboro, ME
(blue sky)

38.   Tiffany Teske
Banff, AB, Canada

39.   Randi Lynch
Gabriola Isl., BC, Canada
(“Heart with Shadow”)

40.   Tina Lynch

Gabriola Isl., BC, Canada
(tree with house)

41.   Debra Olson
Great Falls, MT
(“Beneath the Surface”)

42.   Patricia Gaignat
Westbury, NY
(“Tow Away Zone”)

43.   Serena Wilson Stubson
Winnipeg, MB, Canada

44.   Traci Owens
Auburn, CA
(“Points of Her Own”)

45.   Deanna Perry
Hayward, WI
(“Copper Horizons”)

46.   Jeanne-Marie Hawkins-Brown
Tasmania, Australia

47.   Yoli Manzo
Sacramento, CA

(“What is Your Truth”)

48.   Sue Nunn

Happy Valley, OR

49.   Amanda Trought
Wembley, Middlesex, U.K.

50.   Kate Cannon
Covington, GA

51.   Keddy Ann Outlaw
Houston, TX

52.   Kathy Johnson
Waterford, CT

53.   Molly J. Fischer
Milford, MA
(“Zippy the Greyhound”)


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