Marnita Patton, Creativity Bone Book

This bone bound book is constructed of five hand-made paper sheets of cotton linter base, reconstituted paper, flowers, and glitter strands.  Flannel material and acrylic paint provided additional color to the pulp. A basic five hole pamphlet binding stitch was used with a dual color thread of taupe and magenta.  This thread is visible as stitching to hold the metal washer in place, around the magnet, and within the papers of the spine. This book has a magnetic closure. Cow bone is used decorativley on the binding.  Contrary to how one might use bone in jewelry making, I did not completely take it through a cleansing process. Preferring rather to keep the color and texture of any clinging material that remained.  A thin coat of household floor wax (ocassionally applied), preserves the bone from its tendancy to flake and crack with age.  Various hand-made and other papers provide the detail work. The printing that is visible on some of the papers is about the Bach Floral Essences that are used for creativity. Clay, feathers, yarns, color pencil, graphite and metallic pigment embellish this book.



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