Marnita Patton, Remember Dreams Bone Book

This bone bound book is constructed of five hand-made paper sheets of cotton linter base, reconstituted paper, flowers, and glitter strands.  Flannel material and acrylic paint provided additional color to the pulp. A basic five hole pamphlet binding stitch was used with a dual color thread of taupe and magenta.  Cow bone is used decorativley on the binding.  Contrary to how one might use bone in jewelry making, I did not completely take it through a cleansing process. Preferring rather to keep the color and texture of any clinging material that remained.  A thin coat of household floor wax (ocassionally applied), preserves the bone from its tendancy to flake and crack with age.  Various hand-made and scrapbook papers are used on the cover.  Acrylic paint has been applied on some of the hand-made paper.  Certaun pulp accents had tissue paper added for a more vibrant color.  Embellishments include beads, burlap, lace, pulled felt, porcelain, rub on lettering, dried flowers, and colored pencils.


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