Mermaiden Form

This was made for the supportive art reader challenge.  I didn't use a pattern for this item but I did use just about everything else.  It started with a 1912 picture of a lady in a bathing suit I bought at an antique market…then there was photoshop, printing, misty fuse, titan buff, gold acrylic paint, sewing, shiva paint stiks, florist's ribbon, regular ribbon, chain, molded utee fish that were painted, shells I found on the beach, antique lace, bra straps dipped in walnut ink, free hand sewn seaweed, green feathers made to look like sea moss, crystals beads, eyelets, muslin with starfish printed on it….well, I think that's it.  This was one of the funnest challenges I've entered so far.  It really was a challenge and I very much enjoyed it.


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