Midnight Sampler

This is an approximately 21 inch toggle necklace that incorporates various samples of jewelry-making techniques.  The color palette I have chose for my mixed media submissions are shades of gray (my new favorite color!)  and lilacs with white accents. 

The techniques I used were beading, wire-wrapping, bead-making, fabric dying, hand sewing (beads on the fabric), torch work, knotting, drilling and hammering.

Materials used were; dark-annealed steel wire, stainless steel nylon beading wire, crimp beads, brass-coated lilac color wire, gray twine, sterling silver, glass beads, crackle glass bead, #6 seed beads, pearls, job's tears beads, horn bead, handmade wire bead "basket" (near the "t" part of the toggle), sterling silver beads, wire beads and wooden donut bead.

This is quite an elegant piece worn because the wreath bead and the large fuzzy fabric bead draw your eye around the entire piece.  It was very exciting to make!  Thanks for the challenge.



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