Mixed Media Collage: "Mother Didactic"

For the longest time I have dragged my art supplies around in this old suitcase I've had since I was a kid. I was instantly inspired by the Luggage Tag Challenge so I began to  dream of my travels and my origins…I then began to think about my family, my upbringing and childhood travels ( I am a Military Brat and U S Army Veteran) I would talk with my mother many evenings about my memories and she would share small bits of her childhood with me, She gave me this very haunting  photograph of her as a child, it was taken durning a time of change and growth in her young life as her parents had just separated . My mother  would make the long trip to New York from South Carolina alone on a the train,bus or plane to be a part of her parents lives. The photo did nothing just sitting inside a regular frame so I created a sort of mini shrine to her didactic nature, her bravery, and courage to go seek to keep her childhood world in tact no matter the odds. Hence the title of this piece " Mother Didactic," I have added small bits and found pieces of paper from my various collections, as well as some very beautiful ruffeled trim whitch Ive aged myself with old teas, coffee, and acrylic paints from JoAnns fabrics.


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