Moonlight Sew-nata 2

Dimension: 9.75" x 9.75" (on 5/8" deep birch panel)

Background: An original watercolor painting I scanned & printed on matte photo paper. I added bold color & texture with acrylic paint, then layered on tiny hand-cut fabric leaves using soft gel medium.

Foreground: Machine sewn paper & trimmings. The side wall is scrapbook paper, covered with turquoise tissue paper, then overlaid with sparkle bridal tulle. I hand-stitched the little sewing machine using Ranger's Sticky-Back Canvas. This was further embellished with ribbon, beading & metallic foil transfer to function as decorative buttons/knobs. I carefully drew the sewing machine's stitch patterns with a Sakura 005 Micron pen. I was a bit cross-eyed after finishing this piece!

Detail 1


Detail 2


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9 thoughts on “Moonlight Sew-nata 2

  1. I’m so glad you asked Shari & thank you for your kind words!

    The scissors are a plain chipboard material that I modified using an X-acto knife. To give the blades a more realistic color, I found a product called TriArt Liquid Acrylics. They’ve come out with a beautiful super shiny iridescent color called “Liquid Mirror”. I then added a silver brad as the scissor’s pivot & painted the handles pink, of course 🙂

  2. Thank you Sara (aka Zemphira :). So wonderful to see you here!

    You need to enter into CPS’ “Mixed Media Stitch” artisan category. You’re too talented not to!

  3. Rich, wonderful dedication to the art of sewing. Clever use of found materials, like the cards of thread. I bet that machine cranks out delightful.magical pieces!


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