Artisan Search 2011

Collage and Assemblage        Item #  1

MOTHER    18 x 7 x 6  inches

This piece celebrates all the things mothers are in a visual of found objects.

The container is a handbuilt piece from scrap lumber and is covered in a technique that gives the look and feel of old fresco – peeling paint and all.  Cotton cording represents the strings of love that hold things together.

The inner portion consists of a found metal object with photo and the word MOTHER below it in various points and forts surrounded by a black cardstock frame.  A found wooden thing a ma gig ??? that reminded me of a torso and became one.  I placed it on top of a found and distressed rubber tire from a toy and a wooden wheel to give the illusion of a hop area.  I built another box with shelves and added it to the bottom to form the lower body.  The top of this box is graced with an old tape measure scrap and a piece of vintage lace.  To the top of the box  I also added pieces of rusty wire screen and manipulated it to form a dress or skirting.  Scrunched black tuille trims the side. 

Inside the box is a tiny spoon, a scrap of antique quilt, a bottle, nest/eggs, a pattern bundle, a rusty iron circle with an eye inside – each tagged and representing, respectively, nurturer, comforter, healer, life giver, role model/mentor, visionary.  The whole things rests on a bible with the word counselor tag.  And around that torso, where the heart would be, is a love charm and the word tage – friend.  Behind it is a section that quotes the love chapter, IICor. 13, which starts love is patient, kind…


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