My Pandora’s Box

The inspiration for this series of pieces came from my love of the literary world.  I got the idea for this piece from the tragic Pandora, who couldn't keep her hands off that darn "do not open this" box.  When she did, she let loose all of the evils, the sicknesses, and the disasters that torment modern humanity.  I decided to create my own version of Pandora's Box: those evils that, if unleashed, keep me from attaining my goals.  The monsters contained in my box are Doubt, Discouragement, Distraction and Fear.  They are sewn from various fabric scraps and fibers and are accented with buttons, cardstock, ink, wire, a bottle cap and one lens from a pair of glasses.  The monsters are housed in an antique saw bit box.  At the top, I included the statement: "I See You and I Won't Let You Win."  This is a reminder to me to not let those monsters out of their box.  Some people may think it odd to put demons on display, but for me, seeing them makes it easier for me to defeat them.


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2 thoughts on “My Pandora’s Box

  1. I really like this – great idea! But they are all so cute…. of course, I guess that’s part of the point… distractions, doubts, fears – all of these things are actually “attractive” in that we keep going back to them over and over. Oh well – I like your piece and the thoughts behind it, and you’ve made me think about my personal “Pandora’s Box” as well. Thanks for sharing!


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