My sanctuary

I love my studio.  In this new house, I got rid of the old melamine dining table I used to work on and moved in my beautiful antique oak table with barley twist legs.  I sit in an antique upholstered office chair and have my tools and collections of materials in jars on open shelves within arm's reach.  Those changes give me such pleasure every time I enter the room.  I protect the top of the table with a big cutting mat.
My workspace has to accommodate tools and materials for collage, assemblage, bookbinding and painting, all my teaching materials and finished work, frames, etc., as well as work space and materials for my husband, who is also an artist.  It's just a regular sized spare bedroom, but we make it work and peace reigns . . .  I am so happy in this space, love to close the door, put on my iPod and lose myself.  You can see more detail of my studio in the Fall 2011 issue of CPS Studios!

Dea Fischer
Canmore, Alberta


Member Art Studios, Online Gallery


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