Namaste Art Journal

I am an art therapist, so I see my work in my art journal as art therapy 'sessions' with myself.  I have been keeping an art journal for 11 years and have over 200 of them.  Each one is different, some are altered books, some are books I have made myself.

This journal is made from folded grungeboard.  First I bound the book using a coptic stich, and then I added the scrap of suede to make it more substantial.  I incorporated original photographs taken with lomo cameras using redscale film, drawings, collage, painting, text (both original and collaged from magazines), fibers, metal, and anything else that crossed my path while working on it.

The text on this page is about healing from grief.  It reads "Sometimes it feels like this will never go away.  I can drive as far as I like.  I can dim the light in the room and refuse to look.  But the searing, aching pain is always there.  Just waiting.  Sitting in a rocking chair waiting for me to be ready."

This page was inspired by something one of my coworkers said during a training.  She asked us to think about how we can see our weaknesses as strengths.  How the things that we struggle with can also be gifts.


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One thought on “Namaste Art Journal

  1. This is a magnificent view of something that I could readh out and hold because of the materials used here.  I absolutely love this journal.  It is one of my favorites.  I know the saying Namaste that I learned in yoga class. perfect for a journal cover!

    You made a very meaningful book that is not  only beautiful but healing/theraputic!    Well done!


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