7 thoughts on “Nest

  1. Dear Ms. singel.rachel.

    I love this piece.  I have come here several times just to look at it.  I just like to ‘feel’ it, take it in,sense it.  Thank you for your piece, Sincerely, Colorsplash, Sue

  2. I absolutely love this piece of work, it makes me think of stitched hair like in Doris Salcedos work where she wove hair into table cloths. Quietly beautiful!

  3. I am ususally attracted by color, so the fact that this piece drew me in so quickly, is evidence of the quality of the piece.  It is very intimate and gentle and at the same time a little haunting.  I really like the placement of the image and the way you left negative space around the central image of the nest. 



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