New transfer technique

You said we would get extra points for a new transfer technique so here it is.  You send water soluble solvy thru a laser jet printer with the fusible side facing up to be printed on.  You do this by taping it to a regular piece of paper.  Then you place the fusible side down on the material you want to transfer it to and place a craft mat on top (the kind you use when working with utee).  You flip it over so the material is now on top with the transfer in the middle and the craft mat on the bottom.  With an iron on hot and lots of steam coming out iron the material until all the solvy has dissolved.  What you are left with is a transfer from the ink.  This is the first time I have tried this.  The transfer itself had wrinkles from going thru the printer and a corner of the transfer hadn't been completely transfered when I lifted it, but I didn't want to try it over because it's been 99 degrees here in LA and the thought of standing next to an iron again made me want to cringe.


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5 thoughts on “New transfer technique

  1. Thanks AllycePSilva!  Still want to work on this technique.  It’s just been so ht here in LA and now my studio is in boxes in the dining room because I’m remodeling the studio all by myself.  When I get it back together I’ll give it another go and post how it works.

  2. I wasn’t aware that water soluble solvy came in a fusible. I would, however, be cautious about using ANY fusible in a laser printer since they use a heat source in the printing process. Luckily, yours apparently does not get hot enough to melt the adhesive but I know of others who were not so lucky and ruined their printers when the product melted onto the printing drum.


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