Night Bird

This artwork is from an original mixed-media collage I created. It is mounted on a brown paper lunch bag and includes an image from a hand-drawn linocut print that I did. Here, the image has been cut and reworked into a mixed-media collage.

I profess to being a "night bird" as well. My natural tendency is to sleep in the day and work in the night. The night is so quiet and serene. It makes me feel both calm and energized. The night becomes day to me. It's just a matter of perception when you feel the natural rhythms of time. The clock is just a mechanical device, nothing more. I suscribe to belonging to the "night people" as well.

Just recently, during a late night excursion, I was visited by both a bat and a frog at the same time. I liken these visits as positive omens that direct me in my life decisions. Bats are a sign of rebirth, journeying and profound commitment. Frogs symbolize a link between the living and the spirit world, resurrection and of returning to home safely. For more animal lore, visit


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