Night Pollinators

The saguaro cactus is spectacular in the desert landscape.  It can grow up to 50 feet tall and is very important to maintaining a strong ecosystem in the Sonoran Desert.  Without the night pollinators, the lesser long-nosed bat and the white-lined sphinx moth, the saguaros would not survive.  They are really caretakers or protectors for the giant cactus.  I somehow correlate this relationship in nature to the human need to continue to care for others even after they have gone.

Dimensions:  16" x 20"

Process and Materials:  The skull image is created from an original linocut.  After printing it on bali batik fabric, discharge paste was used to lighten the skull.  The bat and moth are photo transfers.  To integrate them with the fabric, I used Pentel fabric dye pastels.  Additionally, embroidery is used to give the piece some dimension.  A huge saguaro was hit by lightning a few years ago and its “ribs” remain in an open field.  I used a few small pieces of the ribs to form the frame and joined it wiith waxed linen.



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