"Normajean The Viking Queen" Soldered Collage Assemblage ornament

I have been making these collage assemblages since learning to solder some time ago. As the family historian it's my job to go through old photos to share with others and thought that it would be fun to create 'collage people' for everyones Christmas tree! This is of is of me at about age 7 and because I'm Norwegian I call it, "Normajean The Viking Queen". I created the collage body and sandwiched it between glass and soldered it. I added Artgirlz arms and legs on rings that were added to the body. The head is a photo behind a flat glass marble and then backed with copper tape and surrounded with copper foil tape and soldered and joined on a ring to the body. The helmet is an left over embroidery that I had and cut out and sticky glued to the marble. It has a soldered ring at the top for a ribbon for hanging. 🙂 I'm working on other family members to complete the 'rogues gallery'.


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