Notes on a Faculty Meeting

These facing pages were created while my two good friends were presenting their information on diversity to the entire faculty. It was a daunting prospect for them. I created these pages as a way of channeling my anxiety on their behalf.

Right side of journal:

To start, I prepare my art journal by painting all the pages ahead of time with watercolors. This particular journal is made of watercolor paper and decorated art board that I put together with the help of a spiral binding machine. I usually journal in facing pages.

Before my friends started their presentation, I pulled some prepared images out of my journal kit that goes everywhere with me. The three faces were perfect for the ambiance, and pulling out both a both and a girl seemed fitting. As they spoke, I picked up key words out of their presentation and worked them into my design.

All images used come from Flickr's collage sheet collection (free to use) or from a purchased collage sheet with no restrictions on use.


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