Office Art Book (OAB) – Detail of Open Book

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Virtually everything within the pages of the Office Art Book (OAB) came from the office I work in, with occasional items being brought from home to work with, such as decorative paper punches and cutters, glue sticks when my office glue stick ran out, one sheet of brown patterned scrapbook paper, occasional ink pads for rubber stamps at the office and an inexpensive set of watercolors. Some of the decorative tags adorning the front of the book were brought home to use embossing powder for effect and for hand stitching into place. Other materials include: manila folder cardstock, white and color copy paper, staples, color prints of original digital images, a dried tea bag, office stamps on small tags, color markers, color hi-liters, some magazine images, and ribbon trim on the book cover. The book cover was made from cardboard left over from a used legal pad and covered in scrapbook paper donated to the department I work for: an after-school program.

All photos submitted were shot at my office desk, where my Office Art Book was created.


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