Overdye Wool for your Projects – How-to Slide Show

Do you want to use the recycled wool you’ve collected from thrift shops but the colors aren’t quite right and you are not sure what to do about that? You’ve heard of overdyeing, but you’ve not tried it yet because It seems so complicated? Intimidation seems to be a factor that holds everyone back from getting started in overdyeing. It does not have to be complicated or intimidating. And there is more than one way to alter the colors of your recycled wool – a couple don’t even involve commercial dyes!

In this slide show, I will walk you through every step and give you tons of information that you can use to produce beautiful colors, even if you are starting with not-so-beautiful wool. Recycling can save you a boatload of money and you get to ‘be green’ while you create – now that alone is worth a shot at overdyeing!



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