Patchwork Farmhouse

"Patchwork Farmhouse" is a combination of paper, denim, cotton print fabric, acrylic paint, wood trim moulding, colored pencil and it is mounted on an OSB panel found in a construction site scrap pile.  The antique frame was a gift from my parents. Stylistically it takes cues from tramp art and crazy quilts. It was born from my thoughts of home and belonging and inspired by a desire to connect with my mother's quilt making.  


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6 thoughts on “Patchwork Farmhouse

  1. This piece is absolutely stunning!  I love the rich textures, layers, and colors.  The sentiment of connecting with your mother’s artform of quilting makes the piece more personal.  Thank you for sharing and for your comment on my artwork.

  2. This is amazing!  I can’t even begin to imagine ever being able to create something so subtle but intense all at the same time!  I love what you have done with each medium.  This is utterly fabulous!


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