Peggy Sue

Peggy Sue is an assemblage doll that contains a book. She is made from a large variety of items. Fabric strips for hair with pegs and buttons, A box head with a stamped face on metal. One arm is a chain with a hand that is she loves you, she loves you not brass dial, the other is a big hook. She has a cigar box body and leather strap legs that were stamped on and has buttons for feet. I cut a hole in the center of the lid so you can see the book and her heart inside. I framed the hole with canvas that I stamped with a mearsuring tape. The box and head were painted first gold and then white over crackle paint to give her a nice aged look then I stamped the square boarder around the body. I used a brad, bead and washer to give her a nob to open the door. and added a flower and her name done with a dyno tape gun. I made several hats for her and she is wearing her crown in this photo, while she is out on her nature walk. Smile


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