23 thoughts on “Persephone

  1. This item is beautiful and very indicative of the quality items produced by this artist.  I have purchased a number of items from Elizabeth Funderburk of Mean Muse Studios and they never fail at becoming a conversation piece at work or when I’m out for the evening.  Elizabeth has tremendous talent in many mediums, but by far I believe her work with jewelry is her best.  Each piece is not only original in concept and design, but also the highest of quality.  I anticipate wearing all of my original items from Elizabeth Funderburk for many long years. -Marilyn Johnson, Cleveland, OH

  2. This necklace really highlights the interplay between two disparate materials that actually work together harmoniously. The pearls, which are normally considered a high fashion or “dressy” type of necklace makes an exciting contrast to the sexy and daring quality of the paper and fiber flower. The colors are well thought out and the construction looks to be excellent. The purple, green and orange (of the carnelian) make for a wonderful triadic scheme. Fantastic!

  3. PS: I would definitely wear this piece! Liz always makes sure her attention to detail is perfect. In her mixed media pieces *which I am proud to own* and her jewelry, Liz is extremely focused on good design and attractiveness overall in whatever she creates!

  4. I love it…she looks like she’s floating gently as she is decending into the darkness…love your use of the paper flower; resembling the female form capturing the essence of the mythical daughter.

  5. Jadepurl, thanks for the wonderful analysis of my work!  I really hadn’t considered the symbolism when I photographed the piece against a black background.


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