Phantoms and Shadows: Handmade Book

Phantoms and Shadows, the title for one of my most recently created books, is covered with singed vintage red velvet fabric and various vintage laces and trims.  The focal point on the cover is a 1930s brass picture frame with a ghostly image that I created of twin girls skipping rope.  Hand carved bone beads from the early 1900s serve as the centerpieces of flowers on the cover.  I have a "thing" for ghosts and the like so wished to create a book for myself telling some of the fabulous tales I've heard over the years.

phantoms and shadows handmade book cover

As a lover of all crackle mediums, I felt I should add a bit of additional texture and depth to the image by crackling it with tones of sepia and vintage brass as you can see in the detail shots below.

Detail of top of book cover:

phantoms and shadows handmade book detail

Detail of bottom of cover:

phantoms and shadows handmade book detail

Because I worth with so many large found objects, the book ended up pretty darn fat.  It's pretty difficult for me to achieve "flat" even when creating book pages:


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