Prayer to Forgive collage

The collage Prayer to Forgive, created on 18"X24" gallery-wrap canvas, started with the addition of pieces of foamboard that I'd cut into geometic shapes; I then painted these with the same mix of pastels that cover the entire base.   This collage is comprised of a variety of previously prepared papers and other materials; among those other materials were hand-dyed pieces of Sulky Paper Solvy, a water-soluable adhesive material meant to be used as a sewing aid, which I used to create textured paper castings.   Also used in this collage were hand-dyed papers, including newspaper; computer print-out papers that I'd over-stamped with acrylic paint;  heat-bubbled plastic film; and open-weave natural fiber ribbon.  After I assembled the collage, I segued into low-level assemblage, using a feather, beaded coils of wire and pipe cleaners wrapped in assorted yarns.  One of these yarn-wrapped pipe cleaners has a long dangling end which hangs off the lower edge of the collage. 





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