Pretty Storage

Since I work in my studio (office and craft room) for as many as 50 to 60 hours a week, I needed a space that felt comfortable and pretty. So my storage solutions were selected for both functionality and attractiveness.

  • The black table has what looks like drawers, but are actually trays that pull out completely and can be used to store projects or like-items.
  • The smallest box on the floor contains all my electronic stuff, like my web cam and electronic drawing tablet.
  • The big box houses tools, tote bags, and empty storage containers. Note: the boxes also serve as steps to the counter top where my cat suns herself. She approves of this space as well.
  • To save money, we broke up some beautiful teak bookcases and covered them with melamine tops.

I did not want storage above desk level as I felt that this gave me a crowded feeling. So the only things on the walls are artwork. I'm slowly working towards replacing store bought art pieces with my own art. I hate to give up the sophistiated feel of the room, and since most of my art is handmade books and journals, I haven't gotten around to replacing much on the walls yet.


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