Printer’s Tray


Printers Tray Detail 2

Printers Tray Detail 1

I filled this Printer's Tray with little treasures from my desk.  I wanted to create something from all the leftover bits and bobs sitting out, neglected and rejected from other projects.  Lots of hand painted goodies and a mixture of fabric, paper, and metal.  Interestingly, this tray ended up being a study in adhesives.  What's the right adhesive to hold each element in place?  I think my favorite nooks are (1) the one holding the fortune cookie fortunes and (2) the large rectangle which houses the blue buttons and the big puffy heart.  I backed that rectangle with a piece of my paint rag.  The heart is also made from a paint rag remnant.

It's so nice to be able to take all those things that might have ended up either in the trash or at the bottom of a junk drawer, and showcase them.  The beauty in the little things, or something like that.


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