Puzzle Peiced Autumn Medallion (File 1 of 2)

I've been using old jigsaw puzzles in my artwork for several years.  I like to  use various shapes and sizes of puzzles to give the finished piece a variety of textures.  My latest technique is to make them into quilt blocks.
First I put the puzzle together, and paint the puzzle (picture side) with two coats of Gesso. Then I cover the back side with a coat of gel medium.  When everything is dry I colorwash the gesso side with colors that will work into finished quilt block.When the colorwash is dry, I cover the colorwashed side with a  clear glaze.  Then I  use an Xacto knife to cut the puzzles into quilt shapes. ( I might have to use 4 or 5 puzzles to get enough pieces to make the quilt block.)  Then I "piece" them together to make a quilt block.

I've loved puzzles all my life and I believe that is big reason why became attracted to quilting, Quilting is like creating a giant fabric puzzle.


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