Rambling Amusements

I decided to commit to using the huge amount of existing papers, found objects, text I had stashed so I created a no pressure journal to work in each day to practice and to muse and amuse myself.  I forced myself to not print new images out, to not buy anything new but to use a finite amount of materials and tools that already existed.  I found myself starting with images of women and imagined what they had on their minds and found that thinking about them allowed me to put my own stressful job in its proper place.  The journal has multiple pages and is a evolving project. 

Materials include: gesso, oil crayons, paints, pens, papers, images and found objects





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One thought on “Rambling Amusements

  1. I am new to journaling and am trying to learn about it with the art and sewing supplies I already have rather than running out and buying all the yummy supplies I’m reading about. If I continue to love journaling, I’ll start getting some more tools. So, I’m glad to read about someone else journaling without buying anything new. Thanks.


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