Reaching Out

12 x 16 canvas – I used acrylic paint, dye ink and pva glue and I collaged papers from an old hymnal, newspaper, and 1930 music phamplet and printed words on the computer.  As the ink,glue and paint dry, faces appear.  We often can make out visages in clouds, the bark of a tree, etc. This phenomenon is called pareidolia.  It fascinates me and allows the viewer to engage with the art and imagine their own story for the piece.  In the detail below I think you can see a little man reaching out to what could be a horse head.  Have fun looking for all the faces. The quote is from Pablo Picasso, "The world today doesn't make sense, so why shoud I paint pictures that do?"  I like that he didn't worry about the pressure to create traditional art.


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One thought on “Reaching Out

  1. I totally see the man reaching out to the horse! I also see a pilsner glass filled with beer, complete with foamy head. In the lower right corner of the right hand shot, I see a little doll face with huge eyes.

    How cool. Thanks for sharing this.



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