Recycled Magazine Cover – Woven Paper Basket

I've been intrigued by the chewing gum chain purses, frames, and other crafts since a child, but was constantly flummoxed by how the strips were joined together.  Lacking anyone close with the know-how, I started experimenting about a year ago with the chains and joining the strips into baskets that are sturdy enough to use for day-to-day containers. 

I succeeded finally in the methodology, as well as the sturdiness, with this woven paper chain basket.  I love the fact that is looks like glass tiles on the outside of the basket when it's finished, and those seeing it for the first time can't believe what the basket materials are compiled of.

This paper basket is quite sturdy and while not water-proof, it can hold some heavy (or light-weight) materials.  The methodology of the construction of the basket can be adjusted to the size needed.  It takes me about 40 hours of part-time work to finish a complete basket, with the majority of the work creating the raw paper strips from magazine covers, folding them to size, and then creating the chain and using other pieced to connect the chain to the growing basket.


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