Rubber glass necklace – "Phoebe"

Thanks to my sculptor daughter, I have been introduced to a new product made specifically for the entertainment and advertising industries, which simulates the look of jagged broken glass.  If fractured enough, it can also be made to look like ice crystals.  The best part is that it is moldable and soft enough to be completely safe, even though it looks jagged and sharp.  Finding it inspired me to create the necklace Phoebe, named for Saturn's ice moon.  Bead embroidery was used for the basic construction of Phoebe, believe it or not.  Yes, that's right…you can stitch right through the "ice"!


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6 thoughts on “Rubber glass necklace – "Phoebe"

  1. My piece is in Mixed-Media Stitch.  I’m quite excited about the opportunity that we have to show our wares.  I actually make the necklaces too, but mine aren’t as beautiful as yours.  I’ve been using some of the zillions of buttons Ihave to decorate them.  I’ll be putting them on etsy in the fall.  My piece is:  so you won’t go nuts looking for it if you want to.  Take care.  ConnieJoe


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