Safe At Home Necklace

"Safe at Home" was an idea I woke up with one morning. I had a mental image of the necklace with a handmade house containing a glass vial with a frozen Charlotte inside. I made the house out of stiff cardboard then wrapped it with copper tape and soldered it with lead free solder. I used old glass pearls from a vintage necklace as well as a few new rhinestone beads set between lengths of silver chain. The parts and pieces came from the garage sale of an older gentleman who used to repair small engines as well as other things. He was selling his drawer organizer with all the parts intact and I snatched it up! Those little parts and pieces look good attached with jump rings on this mixed media necklace. It took me a while to find a frozen Charlotte small enough to fit inside one of my grandfather's watch part vials but I did find her on Etsy. I love the way this necklace sparkles and shines when you wear it. There is also a lot of movement in this piece when you walk around, the little vial swings back and forth and the chains at the bottom swing and shake.


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2 thoughts on “Safe At Home Necklace

  1. I really like the monochromatic style of this necklace. The use of old machine parts and new shiney chain makes for an interesing design. Love the way you made the house and your use of the frozen charlotte doll. I also love the look of the spring at the bottom of the house where the dangling chains are attached.


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